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I am a Spiritualist Medium  & Psychic who's aim is to work with those in Spirit World to give evidence of the continuance of life after the 'physical' death.

I work directly with Spirit. and endeavour to give sufficient detail of the description of the physical appearance and/or personality, plus some form of specific evidence. Having succeeded with this I would aim to pass on any 'messages . Some information given from me may come  on a Psychic level.

I am not a ‘fortune teller' but Spirit may sometimes give a glimpse of the bigger picture if they feel it would help at the time.


I do have to point out that there cannot be any guarantee or promise of what may happen or be said in any Reading.


A private reading with me is £30 for half hour or £50 for an hour for an Evidential Reading from the Spirit World plus I may work Psychically with your energy if that’s the way it goes.  

18years plus only please!  

Sorry, I don’t do private 1:1 readings for gentlemen.









I also offer Readings via Skype or  phone  as an alternative.


Same price as on the left.


Now offering Tea Leaf Readings,half hour @£30.


Please email me on

for booking, payment details or enquiries.