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Spirituality & Well Being can work very well together. By becoming spiritually aware you learn more of who you are and how best to look after yourself on all levels; Mind, Body, Spirit.

By looking after the health of our minds we can help better health of the physical body & our lives in general.

This teaching comes from the high vibration of the Spirit World

How to achieve & maintain better life balance through learning how to manage the ‘downs’ in life. To manage your thoughts aiming to remove negativity & fear.


If this is a subject you would like to learn more about ,please contact me by email on sue@suechard.co.uk


This isn’t about teaching you how to be a medium it’s about teaching you how to use your own abilities, which we all have, to be able to help yourself.


I use my abilities to help me through lifes ‘ups & downs’. I’ve learned not to let fear win.


I want to teach others that which I have been taught tby Archangel Michael, how to  get peace of mind and maintain it.


I am not saying this will be easy but it will be worth persevering with.